Next steps for the project

This website was created to remove the complexity of searching for public transport information, especially abroad. There is still a lot to do to bring it to the point where it will be a real help to people.

Here are the exciting next steps for the project:

  1. Add new functionalities such as full timetable view and editing.
  2. Improve the design to make the website as lovely and easy-to-use as possible.
  3. Establish a non-profit company.
  4. And the bad news… Add advertising on the website. I do not want to rely exclusively on donations for many reasons; the main one is that I don’t want to cannibalize the main OpenStreetMap project which has much broader aims. But let me stress out that the objective is not to overload the website with advertising. I will strive to keep it reasonable and in proportion, as well as give these ads some relevance by featuring small-scale, local businesses located along public transport routes.
  5. Launch the website in multiple languages.
  6. Enable database download.
  7. Foster a worldwide user community that checks if the data is correct and keeps it up-to-date.

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